Chronic Hip or Pelvic Pain

Due to the very complex anatomy of the hip and pelvic region of the body, once you begin experiencing pain in this region, it is common for symptoms to continue for a long period of time. This is termed chronic pain. It is different than acute pain, which is defined as quick onset or short term pain. 

Many systems in your body can contribute to the potential causes of chronic hip or pelvic pain.  For this reason, it is not uncommon for many types of physicians or other health care providers to see patients with chronic pain in the hip or pelvic region. You may see a family physician, internal medicine specialist, orthopaedic surgeon, general surgeon, gastroenterologist, urologist, gynecologist, chiropracter, spine specialist or neurosurgeon, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or a physical therapist. Too often, patients with hip or pelvice pain are given multiple diagnoses and undergo a variety of medical tests or imaging studies, such as X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, bone scans, or blood work.  And multiple types of treatments can be recommended including, activity modification, physical therapy, injections, and at times, surgery.  Eventually, as your pain and dysfunction continue despite the treatment attempts, you become confused and very frustrated.

The list of disorders that may cause chronic hip or pelvic pain, but are not related to the hip and pelvis include:

Low back pain and/or radiculopathy (sciatica) 
Sports hernias
Inguinal hernias
GI system disorders
Urologic disorders
Gynecologic disorders

There are however, many disorders that cause pain in this region and are related to the hip and pelvis. Learn more about these conditions in this section of our website.

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